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TOEFL Integrated Speaking Task 6 Sample

TOEFL Integrated Speaking Task 6 Sample


Additional phrases for Speaking Task 6

Describing an overview

● At the beginning of the lecture,…
● At the start, the professor defines…
● [He/she] introduces the [concept of…/theory of…] ● [He she] defines the terms [“inbound marketing”] as…
● [The professor] gives a brief explanation of what [two types of marketing are].


● Both [inbound] and [outbound marketing] are…
● In both cases…
● Similarly,…
● In the same way, …
● That’s also true of….

Reporting examples

● The professor explains this [with the example of…/by describing…] ● The professor illustrates [that point/the idea] [with the example of…/by describing…] ● [He/she] elucidates [the concept/the idea] [with the example of…/by describing…] ● [He/she] elaborates with some more specific examples, such as…
● According to the [lecture/professor], one instance of this is…

Sample Question

Using information from the talk, describe what we know about water on Mars, and how we know it.

Sample Answer 1

The professor tells us that there was once water on Mars. There was a similar amount of water on the planet as there is on earth now. We know this because of data retrieved by a probe which is in orbit around Mars. The probe was launched in 1996, and has been sending data back to Earth ever since then. It has taken photographs and measured the shape of the land, so that maps can be drawn. From this information, scientists have been able to deduce that there was water there, because the rock formations on Mars are similar to the formation on Earth that were formed by water. Some of those scientists believe that there is water on Mars even now, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence for this. Some studies have been done on a meteorite which landed on Earth in 2001, but there was no sign of any water there, although that doesn’t mean there isn’t any water on Mars, because Mars and this meteorite are not the same thing. We can also get pictures from astronomical telescopes, but they don’t really help us ascertain whether there is water on Mars or not either, because from this angle, we can only see the poles of Mars, and these are covered in dry ice. So, according to the lecture, we still don’t know whether or not there is currently water on Mars.


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