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Reported recent IELTS questions

Report your Recent IELTS Questions: 2018

After passing your IELTS exam, please help other students by posting the IELTS questions and topics that you got in your test. Report your topics in the comments box at the bottom of the page.
While posting topics and questions you had, please add:

  • the type of test – Academic or General
  • date
  • location
  • the section — Writing or Speaking or both*

*you may mention Reading and Listening as well, but usually it doesn’t help so much for others to get prepared.

NB: Please use this page for posting exam questions and topics only. Do not use this page to post your questions to us.

You may also check Recent IELTS Questions by Sections here.

Super Study Club would appreciate your feedbacks!

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4 Responses to “Reported recent IELTS questions”

  • Abu / Ответить


 Idp- ielts
 Angamaly (Kerala) 

    Writing task 2
    banning private vehicles in the city centre and promoting bicycles and promote. 

Do you think advantage outweigh drawbacks?

  • Sansi / Ответить

    Location :Singapore
    Date : 20/04/2018
    Part 1:
    1. Tell me about your hometown?
    2. What’s special about your hometown?
    3. How long have you been living there?
    4. How do you feel about your secondary school? Do you think you enjoyed more at secondary school?
    5. Do you still have friends from secondary school?
    6. Who is the most important teacher at your school?

    Part 2
    Talk about a traditional product from your country.
    What is it?
    When did you first buy it?
    Did you like it?
    Follow up:
    What are the other major traditional products in your country?

    Part 3
    1. Do you think tourists prefer to buy traditional products when they travel?
    2. How has globalization affected traditions and culture in your country?
    3. Do you think governments should enforce traditional craft industry?
    4. Will the traditions and cultural events remain in future?

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