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Listening Practice — Renting an Apartment

To improve confidence at finding the best option in renting an accomodation, first you must study the Vocabulary — Renting an apartment. If you are ready, let’s practice.

Renting an Apartment Vocabulary Practice

1. Listen to the track and complete the passage. Each gap may include up to 2 words.


Last month, I decided to 1.______________ of my parents’ place and start living on my own.   I 2.____________ in the newspaper for apartment listings and found a place not too far from my work. The 3. __________ showed me around the apartment, and because it 4. ___________ my needs, I signed the 5. _______________ and paid a 6. ___________, some of which I might get back when I 7. _____________. The apartment has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, and kitchen. It also has a small 8. ______________ where I keep my washer and dryer. Right before I 9.______________, the landlord put in new carpet and had the walls painted, so it looks like a new place. The 10. __________ is $650 a month, not including 11. ____________. I pay about $100 for gas, electricity, water, sewage, and 12. ____________________. Unfortunately, the apartment complex doesn’t 13. _____________ pets, so my dog has to stay with my parents for now. I might get a 14. ______________ at some point to 15. _____________, but I haven’t decided on that yet. The place looks a little empty because it isn’t 16._____________, but for the time being, I only have the 17. ____________: a bed, a table, a small sofa in the living room, and a TV. It’s not as liveable and 18.___________ as my parents’ place, but it will have to do for now.

1. move out
2. searched
3. landlord
4. suited
5. rental agreement
6. deposit
7. move out
8. utility room
9. moved in
10. rent
11. utilities
12. Internet service
13. allow
14. roommate
15. share expenses
16. furnished
17. basics
18. cozy

2. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. Then, check your answers.


1. What is the main topic of the conversation?
A. problems with living in an apartment
B. a search for a new apartment
C. the cost of rent near universities

2. Why doesn’t Ann like her current apartment?
A. It’s too expensive.
B. The neighborhood is noisy.
C. It’s located some distance from school.

3. How much money does Ann want to pay for rent?
A. no more than $200
B. around $200
C. a little more than $200

4. What kind of place is she looking for?
A. somewhere that is within a short driving distance of campus
B. an apartment with furniture already in it
C. a place where she can live alone

5. How is Roger going to help her?
A. He is planning on calling a friend who owns an apartment building.
B. He will check the newspapers to see if he can find an apartment for rent.
C. He is going to visit an apartment building near his place.

1. a search for a new apartment
2. It’s located some distance from school.
3. no more than $200
4. an apartment with furniture already in it
5. He is going to visit an apartment building near his place.
3. Listen to the audio track and check your understanding. Check the script and listen again.
The procedures for renting an apartment in different counties, and within the same area, city, or local area, can differ widely, and thus, know what to expect can help you in your apartment search.First of all, decide on the type of apartment you want to rent. How big of a place do you need? How much money are you willing to spend? Is public transportation available nearby? Think carefully about the place for you.Next, many apartments are advertised in the local newspaper, and these listings generally described the size, location, and amenities of the place. Looking over these ads will give you a general idea of the types of apartments available. Ask your friends and teachers if they can recommend any specific place to live. Other students might be looking for roommates, and this might be a good way to minimize your apartment search. Compare what they tell you to what you find in the newspaper.Then, figure out the exact costs for renting an apartment and determine your budget. In addition to your first month’s rent, you might have to pay a security deposit to cover any damage to the apartment. The amount you get back when you move varies widely, but don’t expect to receive the entire amount because landlords sometimes deduct money for regular maintenance including carpet cleaning and new paint.Finally, be sure to carefully read and understand the terms of the rental agreement because once you sign, you will be bound to uphold the terms of the contract. Ignorance is no excuse. Can you keep pets in the apartment? Is smoking allowed? How much notice do you need to give the landlord before you move out? Ask questions if you aren’t sure.

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