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IELTS Writing Task 2: shopping as a hobby

IELTS Writing Task 2: shopping as a hobby

Here’s an example of Positive/Negative development essay.

In the past, shopping was a routine domestic task. Many people nowadays regard it as a hobby. To what extent do you think this is a positive trend?

Give your own opinion and examples based on your experience.


  • hobby = pastime, avocation, leisure activity, leisure pursuit
  • shopping = purchasing goods/things
  • consumers, consuming, consumerism

Model answer

One of the most discussed issues nowadays is about the place of consumerism in people’s everyday lives. Not so long ago purchasing goods was considered to be a chore, but in the modern world, it has evolved into an amusing hobby. Although there may be some drawbacks of this trend, I would like to argue that there are far more benefits.

Firstly, it is generally accepted that the more products are being sold, the better their quality is and the more affordable the prices are. In the past, a regular family usually had to spend much money on the things they needed. By contrast, in the modern world, with the rising popularity of shopping as pastime manufacturers are motivated to lower the prices and to improve the characteristics of their production in order to attract more clients. For instance, cosmetics companies like L’Oreal or Avon are well-known for their good value for money bargains.

Secondly, due to the growing trend of shopping for fun, people are able to express their personalities or styles more profoundly. With so many different products available, it has become easier for everyone to find things they like the best. This way, people feel more confident and are able to find their own sense of style. For example, it is no doubt that the young today are more fashionable than their parents. This can also be applied to home decoration, as young people tend to pay more attention to the overall arrangement of their houses or flats.

In conclusion, taking into account all the information, I believe the trend of perceiving shopping as a hobby to be a positive one, as it leads to a significant increase in the quality of products while making the prices more reasonable. Is also highly beneficial for the people who want to express themselves and stand out from everyone else.

(310 words, band 8)

NB Remember that the structure of an essay depends on the type of Writing task 2. Learn more about types here.

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