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IELTS & TOEFL Sport Vocabulary

One of the popular topics for IELTS & TOEFL is Sport.

Sport Vocabulary


  • Feel a sense of enjoyment — испытывать чувство удовольствия

Example: Whenever I play football with my friends, I feel a sense of enjoyment although I sweat a lot.

  • Have an opportunity to socialize — иметь возможность общаться

Example: Participating in a sport give you the opportunity to socialize, which means you can meet and make a new friend


  • Face the risk of injury — сталкиваться с риском травм

Example: You should be careful when playing sports otherwise you will face the risk of injury.

  • Need large investment of time — требует большой траты времени

Example: Playing a sport will need a large investment of time.

Phrases to describe sport activities

1 . To take up exercise: to start doing exercise — начать тренироваться/заниматься спортом

Example: I say I’m going to take up exercise all the time, but I always find an excuse to delay.

2. To train hard: to train with a lot of effort — усердно тренироваться

Example: An athletic has to train hard to achieve their goal.

3. To do judo/karate — заниматься дзюдо/карате

To play tennis/football — играть в теннис/футбол

Example: At the weekends I like to play football with friends, and sometimes I just do judo to kill my times.

4. A strong swimmer: a good swimmer

Example: My father who is a strong swimmer teaches me how to swim.

5. To get into shape: to become fit

Example: My brother does many exercises, which help him to get into shape.

6. To keep fit: to stay in good physical condition — быть в форме

Example: I try to keep fit by consuming healthy food and doing exercise regularly

7. To go jogging: to run around the street — заниматься бегом

Example: I usually go jogging with my mother in the park which is near my house in the early morning or in the afternoon.

8. To set a record: to achieve best result in sport — установить рекорд

Example: All athletics always want to set a record or get personal bests.

9. Sports facilities: the equipment and services needed to do a sport — спорт инвентарь

Example: My university spends a lot of money on upgrading sports facilities.

10. A personal best: to achieve the best result so far in sport — личный рекорд

Example: Sara trains hard with the purpose of achieving her personal bests.

11. Brisk walk: a fast walk — быстрая ходьба

Example: Doing a brisk walk is one of the best ways to maintain our health.

12.  A big/huge/massive fan of: supporter or admirer who really like something — большой фан

Example: I am a huge fan of football, and my favorite club is Real Marid.

13. To be out of condition: to be not physical fit — быть не в форме

Example: Lacking of doing exercise and playing sport can lead to being out of condition.

14. An athletics meeting: an event where various athletics sports are held — соревнования по спортивной атлетике

Example: It has been my dream to go to an athletics meeting with my family to watch sports, especially football matches.

15. A football match: a game of football — футбольный матч

Example: I have never missed a football match of my favorite club.


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