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IELTS Reading Question Types

There are several different types of questions on the IELTS reading test and each one has its own problems and strategies. In order to prepare well for your test, you must make sure that you practice each type of question.

IELTS Reading Question Types

Matching Headings

One of the most difficult questions in the Reading Section. This type of question tests your ability to understand the main idea of each paragraph.

True, False, Not Given / Yes, No, Not Given

This is probably the most difficult question of the Reading Section. It questions requires you to identify if the information in a text is true or not. You will be given a number of factual statements and you have to check in the text if they are true or not, or there is no information about it at all.

Click to practice some true, false not given questions and some yes, no, not given questions.

Matching Paragraph Information

In this kind of question, you are asked to match statements to paragraphs in the reading passage.  Matching Information questions can be very tricky because you need to search for details. To answer them correctly, you need to find the paragraph that contains the information presented in the question. As always, this information will be paraphrased, so don’t look for the exact wording in the text.

Click here to have a video lesson on tackling this type of question.

Multiple Choice

You will be asked to select the correct answer to a question from a set of choices. IELTS Reading Multiple Choice questions can test a variety of things. Some will focus on details, while others focus on main ideas. As with other question types, you should look for keywords in the questions and the answer choices before you scan the passage for answers.

Short Answer

Short Answer questions require you to choose some words from the text for your answer, but the words you need to fill in aren’t located at the end of a sentence. Typically, you simply need to answer a question about the text for regular Short Answer questions.

Sentence Completion

Sentence Completion questions ask you to fill in a blank at the end of a sentence with some words taken from the  passage


Table, Note, Diagram, or Summary Completion

This type of question asks you to complete a set of notes, a table, a diagram, or a summary with information from the text.

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