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IELTS Reading Matching paragraph information

There are several different types of questions on the IELTS reading test and each one has its own problems and strategies. In order to prepare well for your test, you must make sure that you practice each type of question.

Matching Paragraph Information

In this kind of question, you are asked to match statements to paragraphs in the reading passage. The biggest problem is the fact that you need to look at the whole text. The answers could be anywhere in the text and they do not come in order, so it takes time.

Here are demo videos on how to tackle this type of reading question

Step 1. Defining key words

Read the questions first. Strategy of identifying key words saves your time and gives better results anyway.

Step 2. Matching paragraph information to the key words

  • Scan the text paragraphs you think might contain the answer for synonyms. If you find a possible answer underline it.
  • When you have found the words or phrases in the passage you think might give you the correct answer, you have to read very carefully in order to fully understand the meaning to be able to decide if it is really the correct answer.
  • Check back with the question statement and mark answer if correct. If not, move on to other paragraphs.

Now continue this technique with another questions of this type. This may seem like a lot of work and in the beginning but once you have practised this many times, you will be able to find your answers really fast and with much better accuracy and that will improve your score.

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