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IELTS Numbers and letters

Numbers and letters spelling practice

On almost every IELTS Listening Section 1, you have to listen to someone giving specific information and you must write out what they say. There might be problems understanding various letters or numbers. The numbers you write in the exam will be a date, a price, a phone number or a part of an adress, etc.

Let’s practice in order to avoid spelling mistakes.

1. Listen to these sentences and write the number you hear in the gaps.

  1. _____________ King Street
  2. Family ticket costs $ ______
  3. Mobile phone number _____
  4. Theatre opened in ________
  5. Secretary is in Room ______
  6. Cost of flight £ __________


1. 391
2. 48
3. 07862335201
4. 1899
5. 117
6. 454.50

2. Listen and write the numbers.

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