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IELTS Listening Map Labelling Tips

This type of question requires you to identify the different parts of the map or plan by listening to and understanding a description or following directions. You will, therefore, be listening to a person describing a map or plan or to someone showing a group of people around and you have to follow their directions. In some maps, you are given a list of words and you have to choose the correct word to fit in the map. Other times, you will just be given some gaps and you need to listen and choose the right word from the listening.  

Strategy & Tips

  • Read the question carefully. Understand the map or plan and its features.

  • Know the vocabulary of location — you need to know words commonly used to describe where things are located (see here).

  • Ask yourself where things are in relation to the questions. This should help you predict the answers and follow the talk.

  • Think about where the person might begin their talk from. What is to their right and left? What is in front of and behind them?

  • Look at the major parts of the map or plan to help you understand and navigate your way around.

  • Predict what type of words might be the answer i.e. will it be a place, room, street, building etc.

  • Listen to the beginning of the talk carefully because this will help you understand the context and help you follow the talk more easily.

  • Visualize the place they are describing whilst the person is talking. Note down any possible answers, but be careful with distractors e.g. ‘this was the library but we decided to move it down to the end of the corridor’.

  • Use signposting language like ‘The next room we are about to see is…’, or ‘If you now follow me to….’, to help you understand each stage of the talk.

  • Make short notes on the question paper and then transfer your answers at the end using correct spelling

  • Pay attention to any other clues in the map — for example, you are given a compass icon in the corner telling you where ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’ and ‘West’ are. This means it is likely that these phrases will be used to direct you. So listen out for them.

  • Look at two questions at once — this is something you should always do in the listening test. If you hear the answer to question 5, you will know you missed 4. Forget about this and move on. If you are only looking at 4 you could miss both and get lost.

  • Complete IELTS Listening Map Labelling Practice and practice as much as possible.
  • Watch the tutorial to get more understanding

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