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IELTS Listening Map Labelling Practice

In this post, there is a practical part of an IELTS Listening practice test which features a map and a speech with lots of information. In IELTS Listening map labelling can be difficult and scary, but Super Study Club is here to help! The aim in labelling a map is to connect the information that you hear in the listening to the gaps in the map.

IELTS Listening Map Labelling Practice

1. Listen and match the pictures 1-5 with the sentences you hear (a-e).

1. d
2. a
3. e
4. c
5. b

2. Label the map below.

Choose 4 answers from the box and write the letters A-G next to questions 1-4

  1. Café Restaurant
  2. Swimming pool
  3. Reception
  4. Family rooms
  5. Bar
  6. Sports centre
  7. Gym
  1. ……..
  2. ……..
  3. ……..
  4. ……..
1. B
2. F
3. D
4. A

3. Label the plan below.

A. Family rooms
B. Park Hill
C. Tennis Courts
D. Dance Studios
E. Roller Skating
F. Changing Rooms

5. __________
6. __________
7. __________

1. D
2. F
3. C

4. You are going to hear two young people discussing what there is for university students to do in their town. Listen and label the map below.

A. Restaurant

B. Bowling alley

C. Swimming baths

D. Park

E. Disco

F. Cafe

G. Leisure centre

  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  4. __________
  5. __________

1. B
2. D
3. F
4. C
5. G

5. Look at the same map above and complete the gaps.

1. Go left out of the Post Office and take the ______________ bowling alley is on your right.

2. Turn right out of the supermarket and take the _______. Park is at the ______ of the road.

3. Walk over the bridge and just keep going _____________ the road and you’ll find a cafe.

4. To get to the swimming baths you need to _________ the road from the supermarket.

5. Go over the bridge and make a ____________. Then take the first right. Leisure centre is on the left ______ of the street.

1. first left
2. first right, end
3. straight along
4. go along
5. left turn, hand side

6. Listen to the audio track and label the map below.

1. Quilt Shop ____________

2. Handicrafts Museum ____________

3. School House ____________

1. H
2. A
3. C

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