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IELTS Listening Essential Information

All you need to know about IELTS Listening

The Listening section always goes first and lasts 30 minutes + an additional 10 minutes are given to transfer your answers to the Listening Answer Sheet.
There will be 40 questions in 4 sections:
1. A discussion of social issues;
2. A monologue on a social theme;
3. A discussion about studies;
4. An academic lecture.

Stages of IELTS Listening

1. First, you get the IELTS Listening Answer Sheet.
Download the IELTS Listening Answer Sheet document in pdf and key instructions about it, which will help you in the process of preparing for the exam.
Under the guidance of the test organizers, you fill out this Answer Sheet by entering your data in pencil. Do not be afraid to fill it, because you explain everything in detail.

2. After that, you get a booklet with assignments for the upcoming test. You cannot open this booklet until you are given the command to do it. If you open the booklet before the test, you can be disqualified.

3. First, they play an audio record, where they talk about copyrights, general rules and other things that are necessary to check whether all of those present hear it well. If you cannot hear properly for some reason, be sure to inform the organizers.

4. The phrase «Please now turn to Section one» or its equivalent — will make it clear that you can open the booklet and start the test.

5. An example is given of how to perform a test. Use this time to view the questions from Section 1. In addition to the example, you will hear all the rest of the information in the test just once.

6. At the end of each section, an additional half minute is provided to check the answers. In the entry, this phrase sounds like this: «you have half a minute to check your answers». It is better to use this time to look carefully at subsequent questions. This is especially important at the end of the Listening test since section 4 is the most difficult and questions cannot be scanned in half a minute, so you need to use the time that is given for checking section 3.

7. At the end, you are given 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the Listening Answer Sheet (download here). Plus there is still half a minute from section 4, to check the answers. And also half a minute, while in the audio record you are given instructions on what to do next. That is as much as 11 minutes. This time also needs to be used to transfer all your draft answers correctly, paying attention to spelling, grammatical correspondence, plural/singular. Do not forget that if you do not know the answer, be sure to write something. What if you guessed right? But remember, IELTS only points for the right answers.

Watch this video by Anna, the IELTS teacher to catch more details

P.s. It is important to use tricks and tips for the successful implementation of the Listening Section.

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