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IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 – Common mistakes practice

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 – Common mistakes practice

Being able to use appropriate vocabularies, presenting the main trend, comparing & contrasting data and presenting the logical flow of the graph ensure a high band score in your Academic IELTS writing task 1. Before completing these tasks, please check out the rules and the differences of usage IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 – Common mistakes

1. Amount vs number

Task 1.1. Complete the gaps choosing between amount and number

  1. She reduced the ______ of hours she works each week in order to take care of her elderly mother.
  2. You should only eat a small  ______ of sugar each day.
  3. Think of a ______ and multiply it by four.
  4. Is that a good  ______ of olive oil to put in the salad, or is it too much?
  5. The ______ of time he spent at work every Saturday was worth it when he was rewarded with a year-end bonus.
  6. The  ______ of time and effort required to learn another language is considerable.
  7. An enormous  ______ of work went into the project.
  8. Combined, my salary and my husband’s salary  ______ to about $6,000 per month.
  9. The  ______ of languages spoken in London is astonishing.
  10. The  ______ of people with college degrees has been increasing over the last few years.
  11. Please pay the full ______ (=of money) by the end of the month.
  12. I was expecting 20 people at the party, but a  ______ of my friends cancelled at the last minute.
  13. Jonathan worked for a  ______ of different companies before finally finding one he liked.
  14. Madonna’s fans  ______ in the millions.
  15. We’ve had an enormous ______ of help from people.
  16. The crowd at last night’s football game  ______  in the tens of thousands.
  1. number
  2. amount
  3. number
  4. amount
  5. amount
  6. amount
  7. amount
  8. amount
  9. number
  10. number
  11. amount
  12. number
  13. number
  14. number
  15. amount
  16. numbered


Task 1.2. Choose the most suitable option

  1. In the United States, the average __________ of children per family is 1.87.
    1. amount
    2. number
    3. amounts
    4. numbers
  2. Cathy felt an unbelievable __________ of anger on learning she’d been lied to.
    1. amount
    2. number
    3. amounts
    4. numbers
  3. You wouldn’t believe the __________ time I spend answering email.
    1. amount to
    2. amount of
    3. number in
    4. number of
  4. The people in the stadium __________ the tens of thousands.
    1. numbered
    2. numbered of
    3. numbered in
    4. numbered to
1. B  2. A  3. B  4. C


2. Percent vs percentage vs percentages vs proportion

Task 2.1. Complete the gaps choosing between percent vs percentage vs percentages vs proportion

  1. Overall, a greater percentage/percentages of British people gave money to charity in 2000 than in 2015.
  2. The data shows the difference between the percent/percentages of male and female employees doing part-time jobs.
  3. The higher percentages/proportion reported above may present two major risks.
  4. Recommends approval provided the proportions/percentages are reasonable and fixed.
  5. In 2000, 42 proportion/percent of the female group made charitable donations.
  6. A comparison with previous years can thus only be made on the basis of proportion/percentages.
  7. Going out to restaurants decreased dramatically to 7 percent/percents.
  8. Proposals with concrete numbers are listed from lowest to highest percent/percentages.
  9. The dependent variables for the linear regression models are the percent/percentages of expected corn and soybean production forward priced.
  10. A small proportion/percent of graduates are self-employed.
  11. The graph shows that the percentage/percent of 15 to 30-year-olds who are theatre-goers is higher than other groups.
  1. percentage
  2. percentages
  3. percentages
  4. percentages
  5. %
  6. percentages
  7. %
  8. percentages
  9. percentages
  10. proportion
  11. percentage

3. Million vs millions

Task 3.1. Fill the gaps in choosing between singular and plural forms.

  1. Disney has sold more than four million/millions movies through iTunes.
  2. Ukraine harvested thirty-four million/millions tons of grain.
  3. I had to study for a few thousand/thousands hours to get my degree.
  4. He has earned thousand/thousands of dollars this year.
  5. More than three hundred/hundreds million people live in the United States.
  6. Million/millions of TV viewers are following Netflix.
  7. Munich is about six hundred/hundreds kilometers from Berlin.
  8. They spent million/millions of dollars on the project.
  9. Million/millions of people showed up at the march.
  10. There are over eight billion/billions people on the planet.


  1. million
  2. million
  3. thousand
  4. thousands
  5. hundred
  6. Millions
  7. hundred
  8. millions
  9. Millions
  10. billion


4. Proportion vs figure vs number vs amount

 Task 4.1. Complete the gaps choosing between (each of them could be used twice)

  • The figure for x2
  • The proportion of x2
  • The number of x2
  • amounted to x2
  • outnumbered x2
  • numbered x2
  1. EU migrants _________ around 75,000 in November 2015 and rose steadily until June 2018.
  2.  _________ EU citizens who arrived in the UK a year after Brexit  _________ approximately 80,000.
  3. _________ EU migrants rose steadily from January 2015 to July 2018.
  4. _________  Non-EUmigrants  _________ slightly over 150,000 by September 2018.
  5. Non-EU migrants _________ EU migrants throughout the whole 15 year period.
  6.  _________ Non-EU citizens that arrived in the UK a year prior to Brexit, _________  those for the period a year after Brexit.
  7. EU citizens who left the UK in the year following the vote  _________  151,000.
  8.  _________ people leaving the UK before and after Brexit were almost equal.
  9. _________  Non-EU migrants in October 2013 amounted to 250,000.


  1. numbered
  2. The proportion of …amounted to
  3. The number of
  4. The figure for …amounted to
  5. outnumbered
  6. The number of…outnumbered
  7. numbered
  8. The figures for
  9. The proportion of



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